Our Story

Every brand has a story and a beginning – this is the beginning of the story of London JONES.

London JONES is a mix of British "London" and "JONES" American styles. 

Having spent a great deal of time in both London and New York while working with other designer brands it became apparent there was something missing, there were no new designer brands at an affordable price point.

Our handbags show our love for the details that are found on high-end designer brands - the texture, forms, and fabrics are the DNA of London JONES. It is the little touches that count and tend to separate the pricey high-end designers from the rest of the pack, this is no longer true with the introduction of London JONES.

Buying top quality designer fashion should be affordable and fun, leaving you looking great, with money left over to go out and enjoy life.

Our objective is a lofty one, we plan to become a world leader in fashion and quality at an affordable price, lower prices should not mean lower quality. London JONES Lifestyle designs and creates all of its products in house and are exclusive to London JONES.

Without saying a word your style tells the story of who you are. Say something interesting with London JONES.